Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Bangladesh Public Service Commission
39th BCS
(Special) Examination 2018

Application Deadline
06:00pm, 30 April 2018
01. Prepare your Photo and Signature
You should upload a recent photo taken with a digital camera or scanned from a good quality printed image and required to have a scanned (digital) signature as per the specifications.
Photo dimensions are 300 X 300 pixels (Width X Height). The file size is less than 100 kbytes.
With modern digital cameras, or even phones with built-in cameras, it is easy to create a very large file. But large images files can take a long time to upload and use a lot of storage space, so we have limited the upload size to 100Kbyte. If your image is too big you can easily make it smaller with an image editor.
Make sure that the picture is in colour. Black & White, Monochrome, Grayscale, Face too Close or too distance, Blurred, Too light or dark, Obscured, Uncropped or any image other than photo will not be accepted.
Looking straight at the camera with a relaxed face.
If the picture is taken on a sunny day, have the sun behind you, or place yourself in the shade, so that you are not squinting and there are no harsh shadows.
If you have to use flash, ensure there's no "red-eye".
  » If you wear glasses make sure that there are no reflections and your eyes can be clearly seen.
  » Hats and dark glasses are not acceptable. Religious headwear is allowed but it must not cover your face.
  » The applicant has to sign on white paper with Black Ink pen.
The signature must be signed only by the applicant and not by any other person.
The signature in admit card must be checked to the attendance sheet and wherever necessary.
Dimensions of signature are 300 x 80 pixels (Width X Height). Ensure that the size of the scanned image is not more than 60kb.
  » You can check Photo/Signature dimensions and size by using Photo/Signature Validator.
  02. Procedure for Uploading the Photo and Signature
  » There will be two separate links for uploading Photo and Signature
Click on the respective link and Browse and Select the location where the Photo / Signature file has been saved.
Select the file by clicking on it and Click the 'Open/Upload' button.
  » For more information, please download Instructions for Submitting Application.
  » If you face some problems to read the pdf file, download the Bangla fonts.
  After registering online applicants are advised to take a printout/save as PDF of their system generated online application forms (BPSC Form - 1).
Helpline: 01555555149 - 152 (10:00am - 04:00pm)
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